I am getting involved in the Dig Deep challenge of 2018, as well raising money for three local charities which are all closely linked both geographically and by clientele. Any money raised will be split between the three charities.

I believe that the three charities cover Mind (Citizens Advice Gateshead), Body (Gateshead Food Bank), and Soul (Family Church Gateshead).

Citizens Advice are trying to make a real difference to North East children and families experiencing life-changing challenges including long term illness such as Dementia and Cancer.


Gateshead Foodbank may use their money to buy items which they have low stock of or feminine hygiene products.


Family Church Gateshead may use their money to provide continued assistance with their free breakfast club and a stock of toiletries to hand out.


I will be getting my hair shaved off completely (a no guard) on Sunday 18.11.18  at Family Church Gateshead at 12.30pm after the service.  Anyone is more than welcome to attend. If you would like to come to the service beforehand there will be free tea and coffee from 10:30am, the service starts at 11am and following the head shave there will be more free tea and coffee. 


Please help me raise funds for these three awesome charities by donating to my challenge.