Colleagues from the Witness Service and Consumer Contact Centres are passionate about the work the Citizens Advice do, but we need your help to ensure more people and families who have faced life changing circumstances can get the help they need and deserve.

We thought long and hard about what we could do as a team, that would challenge us and raise vital funds and awareness for this amazing cause. Sometimes the long term or terminal illness of a child can lead to financial strain and in extreme cases homelessness - so for one night (28.09.2018) we are going to put ourselves in the shoes of someone who has been made homeless and will be sleeping outside, regardless of the weather conditions. We will only be using materials that we can find in order to replicate the true conditions some people face every day - no tents or home comforts.

We hope by doing this we can raise awareness of this amazing cause and positively impact the lives of families facing difficult times across the Nort East.

We would be so grateful if you could support us - every donation helps us to help them.

Thank you

Quotes for Dig Deep:


PAULINE WOLF (ICA Witness Service):


“I feel Dig Deep is such a brilliant and a worthwhile cause to raise money, and to be homeless for the night, gives a very small insight of what being homeless feels like ”



“Delivering improvements for people with long term conditions isn’t just about treating illness, it’s about delivering personalised, responsive, holistic care in the full context of how people want to live their lives. Our journey to achieve this has started, our challenge is to continue to take it forward and the evidence compels us to do this challenge together as a team “


ANDREA MORGAN (ICA Witness Service):

In 2013 a very old school friend of mine’s son was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma which is a rare cancer that affects children.  Luckily he was able to get the treatment he needs however he relapsed in 2015 and needed lifesaving treatment that is not available on the NHS in the UK.   He is currently doing well however there are more children out there like Kian who need the funding for lifesaving treatment. 


I decided to do this challenge because to be honest I’m almost frightened of everything mainly the whether elements and what better way to challenge myself then to sleep rough and exposed to the elements.  Wish me luck”


CHRIS YOUNG (Senior ICA Witness Service):


Many families in our local community are living with long term or terminal illness. For me giving up one night of my time in order to support this amazing cause, is nothing in comparison to the family members who care for their loved ones 24/7 and not just for one night. This is why I would like to give something back, my time and my love to the families and people who need it most”


KATRINA AHERN (ICA Witness Service):


“For me our rough sleep is about having an opportunity to sample a very small part of what someone who has to do this for an indeterminate amount of time experiences every night.  It will give us all time to reflect and show our support in some small way”.


JACKY BALL (ICA Witness Service):

“who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of others? “


SHARON YOUNG (Supervisor Witness Service):


“As a mum of 2 young children myself I cannot imagine the challenges that some of these families are facing, everyday life can be challenging enough without a family member or child facing a long term or terminal illness. The help and support that Citizens Advice provide to these families, at a time when it is needed the most, is priceless and I wanted to do my bit to ensure that these fabulous services can continue.


This will be a huge challenge for me – I’m always the first one in the office to moan that I am cold, so a night braving the elements will really make me dig deep”