Written by Nicky Lowes



Here at home in Gateshead, now that Theresa May has triggered Article 50, the UK has officially begun the process of leaving the EU. With 56.8% of Gateshead voters backing Brexit in the referendum last June, many residents of the area are looking forward to the political changes despite the upheaval.

Citizens Advice Gateshead advises anyone whose employment status is destabilised by Brexit to contact the local agency for guidance on their options. As leading think-tank Demos has claimed that the North East will be severely impacted by Brexit due to changes in tariffs. With 62% of the North East’s manufactured goods being exported to European markets, Demos warns that “UK producers of dairy products, confectionery, alcohol and tobacco will be hit with the costliest duties.”

Despite the grim forecasts of such studies, sectors of the North East property market have been celebrating the chance to capitalise on rising house prices. A local firm housing firm claims: “There is good news on the horizon with house prices throughout the region set to rise over the next 15 years.” However, the study’s estimate that prices in the area will double by 2030 is likely to significantly impact tenants. We at Citizens Advice Gateshead urge anyone who is worrying about the security of their tenancy to get in touch.

Citizens Advice Gateshead additionally highlights the potential changes to benefits received by EU nationals. Whilst migrants who have been in the country before Theresa May triggers Article 50 are able to keep their welfare rights, those who have arrived after Wednesday will not be able to keep their benefits. We advise anyone worrying about Brexit’s impact on their benefits to drop-in to the Citizens Advice Gateshead offices or to use the charity’s online benefit calculator.

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