Written by: Nicky Lowes


A recent analysis by Citizens Advice has revealed that the most impoverished members of society are the most likely to be over-paying on their energy bills due to their customer loyalty. This includes 800,000 pensioners and 1.5 low-income families nationwide who are on their supplier’s standard variable tariff.

These households are estimated to be spending £141 more per year on combined gas and electricity bills than if they switched to the cheapest deals provided by the largest suppliers in the UK.

Previous research by the charity unveiled that 4.7 million English households hadn’t switched energy providers in the past 10 years, with pensioners and low-income families being the most likely to be missing out on savings.

Many people may not realise that their suppliers have switched them onto standard variable tariffs, with energy providers sneakily transferring customers onto the tariff after previous deals have ended.

Citizens Advice has called for government intervention, urging them to extend the pre-payment metre price cap to those who are eligible for Warm Home Discount.

So what should you do? With energy firms such as E.ON reporting new price increases, Citizens Advice strongly recommends that you check whether you could be saving money with our free and independent price comparison tool.

If you need any advice on whether you could be saving on your energy bills, feel free to drop in to the local Citizens Advice Gateshead where you can receive free and impartial guidance.