This week Citizens Advice investigated our broadband services.

Where it was reported on average we spend up to 218 million hours a year trying to solve problems with our broadband or media packages. From the 1,000 problems reported to Citizens Advice, it was revealed that many consumers were continuously having to negotiate with their providers in order to get engineers out or claim financial compensation. With this in mind, it is not surprising that 55% of consumers who faced issues with their service do not confront companies are left without a resolution.


What problems have you been facing as a result of this poor broadband providers?

As Chief executive of Citizens Advice, Gillian Guy stated


“A working broadband connection is an essential not a luxury.

Automatic compensation has long existed in other markets such as energy and water, so this is recognition from Ofcom that broadband internet is also a vital service. Problems with installation or repairs to broadband can be a nightmare for consumers.

 Not having access to the internet can mean people face a real challenge when going about everyday tasks like applying for jobs, shopping online, and even running their business.”


What has citizens Advice done to help you?

“Citizens Advice has been calling for the automatic compensation for broadband customers who experience delays to repairs or missed appointments. This would it easier for people to get redress when they’re let down by poor service, without facing the added challenge of negotiating with their provider. It would also provide an incentive for broadband companies to improve their service, as in future failures would cost them money.”