Written by Megan Cowie

Universal credit will replace six benefits you can receive if your income is below a certain level. You can receive universal credit whether you are unemployed or working and it will be paid in a single payment, monthly.  Benefits such as housing benefit will be paid as part of your universal credit payment. 

After the credit is applied for it can take 5 or 6 weeks for the first payment to be given. Evidence from the citizens advice shows this waiting period could cause serious debts for people waiting payment if they have monthly/weekly bills. The government, as a result of this have issued advance payments to make ends meet during the waiting period. Citizen’s advice has recognised this as a step-forward in helping individuals on Universal credit but they should stop rolling out the credit until the issues are resolved.

Facts and figures

All together citizen’s advice have helped with over 100,000 issues with universal credit – which is why the UK government should stop the roll-out of the benefit while it solves the issues people are having.

Citizen’s advice is urging the government to ensure no one waits longer than six weeks for an income and anyone who needs it gets a payment in two weeks that they don’t need to repay.