Some worrying new figures from Citizens Advice show that over a quarter of tenants who have experienced problems whilst renting have felt unable to complain to their landlords, due fears of eviction.

Last year the charity helped over 13,000 renters with maintenance problems, ranging from mould to electrical faults. Two fifths of Citizens Advice staff have reported that tenants’ largest problem when seeking advice regarding their accommodation is “worrying about the consequences of complaining.”

The report also demonstrates that many tenants lack knowledge about the complaints process, with one in seven tenants failing to report a problem because they were unable to contact their landlord or didn’t know how.

With just under 40% of Gateshead’s populace residing in social or privately rented accommodation, a significantly higher percentage than the average across England, this is an issue which permeates the core of the local community.  

As a result of this report, Citizens Advice is pushing for the Government to use the scheduled introduction of an ombudsman for private landlords as a means to protect tenants from rogue landlords. The charity suggests that landlords who receive the most complaints should be responsible for the financial upkeep of the programme.