Our Volunteers Experiences

Volunteering is an incredible way to help people in your local community whilst gaining valuable work experience. Here at CAG, we're dependent on the 324 hours a week of hard work that our amazing volunteers contribute to our organisation every year. Recently, some of our volunteers got to have their say when we asked them about their experiences working at Citizens Advice Gateshead.

Some of the key attributes that our volunteers expressed

  • Many of the volunteers highlighted that meeting new people was their favourite part of volunteering with us. One volunteer noted: "I have most enjoyed meeting new people while volunteering this means both the staff and the clients."
  • The warm and friendly office atmosphere was similarly described as the highlight of many volunteers' experiences at Citizens Advice Gateshead. Many emphasised how helpful other volunteers and staff had been towards them, with one volunteer describing: "everybody is always willing to help."
  • Volunteering is often described as a fantastic way to develop new skills, a notion that the responses of our own volunteers confirmed. A common theme amongst these insights was that volunteering at CAG improved their computer literacy. One volunteer described that their involvement with the charity taught them how to use a computer.
  • The cultivation of knowledge relating to specific areas, such as housing and legal advice, was likewise described as a major benefit of volunteering with us. One volunteer additionally claimed: "I think I have gained better people skills, especially in dealing with challenging clients."

Obstacles along the way are the way

It’s obvious that volunteering is not without its challenges. A large number of our volunteers described their biggest hurdle as having to learn new skills in order to complete their work, a challenge which ultimately became beneficial to them.

Similarly, another volunteer described having to think on their feet as a recurrent trial in their voluntary work. Sometimes, whilst helping people out of dire constraints, having to hear the awful experiences people have dealt with can be an incredibly challenging ordeal.

A volunteer detailed: "I've experienced challenging situations which I have not encountered before, where people are experiencing serious, real-life problems."

As a charity which relies on its amazing voluntary force, hearing the individual positive experiences of our volunteers is truly wonderful. We would like to thank all of our volunteers for their instrumental work in helping the local community.