On our first day we were greeted by Suzanne and had a tour of the bureau, we were then introduced to all of the services and workers and given the opportunity to work on reception.

On our second day we had an insight on both the Witness Service and Adviceline by listening to calls between the clients and the workers and how they help each client differently. On Adviceline we were surprised to learn the variations of calls that they get and how quickly they help the client to resolve their situation. During our time with Witness Service we were intrigued by how comfortable they try to make the clients feel during the calls.

Then on our next day we completed a various amount of tasks such as filing and organising data to experience working in the office and tasks that come along with it.

However, on our last two days we completed a various amounts of tasks in Community Fundraising to help CAG (Citizens Advice Gateshead) prepare for Newcastle Pride this weekend, from this it was emphasised that CAG is a charity and how they are constantly raising money to help support and improve the services.

In conclusion, we would like to thank everyone who has helped us and made us feel welcome during our work experience at the bureau. It has given us a good insight on a working life and what life will be like when we leave school. We have learned a lot about the charity and how much it supports our community and those in need.

By Emily Arnott, Eesha Sharif and Georgia Robertson