Due to high demand we are delighted to announce that we are running a second session of our Gamble Awareness training in Durham. This free two hour training course is designed specifically to help agencies and services working with people who may be experiencing gambling-related harm, so they can better understand the causes, impact and support available in the region.

This training has received positive feedback from a wide range of people and organisations that have participated so far from the social housing sector and a wide range of private, public and voluntary sector organisations.

The free two hour training session explains:

  • The current state of the gambling industry in the UK;
  • The various types of gambling that we are exposed to;
  • The rise of digital gambling through mobile phones and computer games;
  • The effect of gambling-related harm on the person encountering difficulties with gambling, and their family, friends and supporters;
  • The support and services that are available to the person encountering difficulties with gambling, their family, friends and supporters, and those working with them professionally.

The vision of Citizens Advice Gateshead is for a fair society for all. With the gambling industry increasingly recognising the need for more preventative measures, and services that target children regularly featuring on the news, we recognise the need to mobilise knowledge in the system to improve awareness and understanding of this growing issue and, critically, of the support available.

If you are a service or agency that works with people who may be experiencing gambling-related harm and you would like to attend please click the button below to make a booking.