The government in the 2015 summer budget put forward proposed plans to reduce the Benefit Cap for families to £23,000 in London (£15,410 single claimants) and £20,000 elsewhere (£13,400 single claimants). The new benefit cap levels will come in from 7 November 2016 .

If the cap applies to you, this means that if your income from certain benefits is more than the cap, your benefit will be cut. The amount of money you get above the Benefit Cap limit will be taken off your Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

This will only affect you if you're getting Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. No deductions will be made from your other benefits because of the cap. This means that if you don’t receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, your benefits can’t be capped.

The Benefit Cap doesn't apply to everyone - some people are exempt.

If you're worried about how the benefit cap may affect you can talk to one of our Advisors - details of how to access our advice are here