Written by Liam Hardy


The 2017 Budget was set out on 8th March, with the chancellor focusing on helping more with working families by boosting income security and tackling failing consumer markets. Citizens Advice have given their view and wish to help with any problems which arise from this;

  • More meetings to discuss parental benefits of self-employed workers – which could lead to more support put in place
  • However more needs to be done to help for these employees save for their pension
  • More also needs to be done about over the amount being forced into self-employment and them being denied basic rights (such as sick and holiday pay)
  • The government will also be looking unmoral businesses who trick customers into paying more by staying with one supplier – which could lead to consumers saving around £600 spanning over phone, heating and broadband bills.
  • We have also advised that the government should fix the problems with Universal Credit before it is given to more people
  • Also consider the restoration of Work Allowance and changes to Personal Independence Payments - so more people who need it can get it