Recycle and Raise

With your help we can raise essential funds towards achieving our vision of a fair society for all, with lives well lived, through recycling books, dvds, video games, ink cartridges, lego. Read more

The difference we’ve made

Here you can view our 2017/2018 impact report which outlines the difference we've made in Gateshead. Read more

Inspired by Maya

Being your child’s number 1 advocate is rewarding, but time-consuming and exhausting. The last thing on your mind is work, bills and the routine of everyday life. Read more

Ward Reports

Detailed overviews of the impact of our work at ward level. Read more

Seen a Hate Crime?

Have you been the victim of a hate crime? Have you seen someone being abused for their race, gender or sexuality? We can help you. Read more

Who we are

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