JEN AND LAURA - DIG DEEP Firewalk 2019

Jen Oliver

We're am taking part in a Fire Walking world record attempt on 28th November 2018 at the home of the Newcastle Falcons.

We'd be so grateful if you could support me.

Every penny you donate will help someone. We promise.


Judith Wood-Archer

I’m joining a Fire Walk as part of Citizens Advice Dig Deep 2018 fundraising campaign.


Alanna Wilson

We are a group of employees from Northern Gas and power who are taking part in DIG DEEP 2018 by walking on coals to help raise money for North East families!

LAURA FOSTER'S - DIG DEEP 2018 Cycle Challenge Team

Laura Foster

We are raising money towards Citizens Advice Gateshead's DIG DEEP 2018 campaign, to make a real difference to North East children and families who are experiencing life-changing challenges, including long term illness such as cancer and dementia.

LEE USHER - DIG DEEP 2018 Cycle Challenge Team

Lee Usher

Citizens Advice Gateshead changes peoples lives in a good way and has wider benefits to society as a whole. It's for this reason I'm delighted to be part of the Dig Deep Cycle team.

DIG DEEP Firewalkers

Alanna Wilson

Our team are digging deep by taking part in a fire walk over burning coals!