“Being born into poverty reduces a child's chances for a brighter future” Save the Children, 2013

Alice contacted our Young Persons Advice Service in a state of distress. Alice is 24 years old and had recently found out that she was pregnant. Alice lived alone and was currently only receiving £56.80 per week income and was naturally very worried about what would happen when the baby was born.  Having already accumulated a number of arrears for rent and council tax she was dealt with by one of our Specialist Young Person service.

With arrears of £75.45.  Our Young Persons Advisor supported her to apply for Child Tax Credits, housing benefit and completed an application form to a charitable organisation on her behalf.  Additionally with the support of our Young Persons Advisor Alice was successful in claiming backdated Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit payments from the date of her child’s birth – claimants are not always successful in obtaining payment in arrears, especially if there is a delay in submitting the claim or the form is completed incorrectly. The total cost of the support provided by the Young Persons Advisor was £10,169.

 “Without the support of the Young Peoples Advisor I wouldn’t be where I am now”

As a result of the intervention of our Young Persons Advisor Alice has been able to resolve her rent and council tax arrears make successful claims for benefits entitled to her and provide a stable and secure start for her first child.   Since accessing this specialist support she has gone on to enrol and successfully complete a college course and the Young Persons Advisor supported her to secure appropriate child care. 

The Difference we made: 

  • Generated £10,169 of income for a young, single parent
  • Reduced the clients level of anxiety therefore improving her mental health and wellbeing
  • Supported reintegration into full time education in a controlled and supported manner
  • Supported local Health Care services by adding value to their existing support