Changing energy suppliers can feel like a hassle. Yet, when we’re losing out on hundreds of pounds each year due to sticking with the same supplier, filling in paperwork suddenly seems a lot more appealing.

The statistics are grim: over a third of people in the UK haven’t ever changed their energy supplier. Our research suggests that one in ten people in England are living in fuel poverty. The Guardian reported in December 2017, that: “57% of standard households reside on their energy suppliers’ standard variable tariffs – and are typically overpaying by £300 a year.”

So, why is it that we, as a nation, don’t tend to change our supplier? Research suggests that people feel too uninformed to make the right decision: a third of people polled by Yougov felt they didn’t know enough to select the right tariff for them. Additionally, a report by Money Super Market highlighted that a significant number of British people consider changing suppliers to be “too much hassle” and “time consuming.”

Though in the past changing suppliers could be a lengthy and frustrating process, the advent of the internet has had a profound impact on the process. Many websites offer free guides to choosing the right tariff for you, such as the one available on the Citizens Advice national website.

It’s estimated that it takes around five minutes to change energy supplier using the internet, which seems very much worth it when considering the potential savings.
We advise that it’s best to review energy suppliers on a yearly basis. This can be done in a couple of minutes by using a free energy comparison tool.