New research conducted by Citizens Advice as part of its post office campaign has shown that people across the UK consider post offices to be a more important part of their community than pubs.

Our study has shown that 49% of Brits consider the post office to be an important part of their local community, more than bank branches (31%), libraries (29%), or pubs (25%). With our research unveiling that 56% of the UK populace has used a post office branch in the past month, this is hardly surprising.

This research comes at a crucial time, as post offices across the nation have been in the midst of a transformative operation that will leave two thirds of branches without their independent stores by March 2018.

Through conducting mystery shopping exercises, Citizens Advice has ascertained that the customer service levels in these new branches are the same or better than in the traditional independent branches.  Additionally, these new branches have successfully ensured that most people have convenient access to a post office.

We at Citizens Advice are now calling upon the government to confirm its funding for post offices to maintain their current 11,600 branch network, so that people across the nation can access post office services.