Universal Credit and Disability

New research conducted by Citizens Advice has revealed that many people with disabilities claiming benefits are substantially worse off under the Universal Credit scheme.

The report shows that working disabled people will suffer the greatest financial because they struggle to access the Work Allowance whilst in work. This means they could be losing over £300 a month in benefits.

Disabled people who are unable to work yet don’t need a carer also suffer significant financial losses under the Universal Credit system. The removal of the Severe Disability Premium means that such people would be losing out on £180 a month.

The penalisation of disabled people under the Universal Credit system impacts the North East region disproportionately; according to a 2017 report administered by Gateshead Council, if you’re born in Gateshead you’re more likely to suffer from a disability than if you were born in the South of England.

The findings of this research underpin a wider pattern of fundamental flaws found within the Universal Credit system, which has been repeatedly criticised by Citizens Advice. Whilst Citizens Advice hopes to remedy some of the hardships imposed by the new benefits system with its newly announced Universal Credit support service, our efforts can only go so far. We are urging the government to address and change the problems which lie at the core of the Universal Credit system.