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At Citizens Advice we must ask for your consent to record, use, or share your personal information and details of your enquiry. When we record and use your personal information we:
● only access it when we have a good reason
● only share what is necessary and relevant
● don’t sell it to commercial organisations

We need to record information about you to help with your enquiry. We have a legitimate interest to do this. This form records your decision. Please let us know if you’d like more information about how we’ll use your data.

Please be aware that our email software allows us to view the email address that you have given us. You need to be aware that our reply may not be completely confidential if you share an email address at home or at work. Beware: The Citizens Advice Gateshead email address may be recorded in your browser history. You may protect your anonymity by using a free web based email address such as Hotmail or Yahoo.

We are required by law to ask for your permission to record the details of your case. These details may contain your personal and sensitive data. The record of your case will be stored in a shared electronic case management system accessed by members of the Citizens Advice service. Paper copies of your data may also be stored securely by Citizens Advice Gateshead. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act the members of the Citizens Advice service are Data Controllers in common. By providing the information in this form you are consenting to Citizens Advice storing your data.

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