Why not have a Spring clean at home, and ask your friends and family to do the same? Through recycling we can raise essential funds towards achieving our vision of a fair society for all, with lives well lived.


We need the books you've finished reading - did you receive a blockbuster for Christmas that's now cluttering your shelves? Michelle Obama's autobiography could be worth over £4!

CDs and DVDs

If you've switched to digital music and streaming TV and films, now's the time to hand over the CDs and DVDs you no longer need. 5 DVDs could raise us over £5!

Video games

If you've beaten the game (or you're bored with trying!), please hand it over for us to recycle. 3 recent games could raise us £6!


5 kg of your old lego bricks can make us £20 - so if you have no further use for it at home please pass it on to help us build our funds!

Ink cartridges

Instead of throwing away your old ink cartridges please pass them on - we can recycle them for up to £1 each and every pound counts!

If you would like to find out more or discover your most local drop off point please email
[email protected] 

Thank you. Please remember ... charity begins at home!