Society Matters is a Community Interest Company which was formed in 2012 to help finance and support the work and services of Citizens Advice Gateshead.

Citizens Advice Gateshead is an independent charity offering free advice, support and financial gains to the tune of over £6m to over 15,000 people every year in Gateshead.

In order to provide this extremely valuable, free service, Citizens Advice Gateshead must continually bid for funding, as well as generate its own revenue streams.

Hence the establishment of Society Matters – an independent social enterprise based in the same building, which ploughs 100% of its profits back into Ctizens Advice Gateshead.

Society Matters offers  excellent, professional services at a greatly reduced cost:

Job Law provides a renowned, low cost, comprehensive legal advice for all aspects of your working life, including case work and representation service.

Find out more about the work of Society Matters here