Citizens Advice Gateshead has been established for over 60 years and has grown into the biggest provider of Citizens Advice services in the North East region with a turnover of £2.7m and employing 140 staff and almost 100 volunteers.

Download our Strategic Plan 2019-22 here.

Our vision is a fair society for all, with lives well lived. 

As we stand today, we are a long way from a fair society for all. However we firmly believe that the enormity of the task ahead of us does not in any way justify us shrinking our ambition. When people born into poverty are cast to live a life in poverty we need to act. When inequality is increasing rather than diminishing through misguided values, policy and practice we need to act.

For too many people basic needs are lacking and self-fulfilment is impossible. Only if the system supports and enables (and doesn’t stigmatise or cause hardship), only then will we have a fair society for all with lives well lived.

The Trustees of the Citizens Advice Gateshead charity, its Chief Executive, staff and volunteers, are wholly committed to focusing our charitable activities on achieving this vision.
We are also clear that we will not be able to do this on our own. This strategic plan sets out the role that we intend to play both directly and indirectly, locally and nationally, however we will also add to our own efforts by garnering the support of people and organisations that can make their own contributions, however small, towards achieving a fair society for all, with lives well lived.

Our mission is to mobilise knowledge so the system works, it works for everyone, and it powers the changes we need to be an equal and inclusive society.​

At Citizens Advice Gateshead we believe that by mobilising knowledge that delivers tangible social value we can power change to move us closer to our vision for a fair society for all, with lives well lived.

Through our charitable activities we will be working to mobilise knowledge across multiple spheres of influence to power the change needed to enable a fair society for all. This means that:

  • people will be informed and empowered;
  • people and organisations will change unfit systems, processes and practices;
  • people will use their influence to power a change in attitude across society as a whole and, most importantly, to inspire action.

Our Strategic Priorities

Help people to know and understand their social welfare rights and responsibilities so they can improve their quality of life.

  • We will enable people to easily access the knowledge they need.
  • We will shape our service around the needs of each person.
  • We will deliver quality, impartial advice and information.
  • We will know the true impact of our services on people’s lives.

Progress to a system that supports and enables people to reach their full potential - that doesn’t stigmatise, cause hardship or allow anyone to fall through the net.

  • We will embed our voice across the wider system as an impartial and evidence-based commentator.
  • We will shape and influence commissioned services until they meet people’s needs.
  • We will drive policy change to eradicate the root cause of poverty, disadvantage and inequality
  • We will galvanise people, individually and collectively, to be a compelling force for change.

Be an enduring and dynamic charity that never stands still until we have a fair society for all, with lives well lived.

  • We will become the charity of choice full of great people who are motivated to make difference.
  • We will support and nurture people with the right values and the will to grow and evolve.
  • We will drive income through innovation and creativity, and make every pound count
  • We will be known as ethical and inspirational, and a leading light in the community and voluntary sector.

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